Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Test Preparation

Today was a good day! I still don't have any pictures to post, yet, but those will come soon! (Hopefully). I woke up this morning at 8:00am, but I slept again until about 8:30am. I was able to hop online this morning to catch some people who were up around 6:00pm. I was happy to talk to people. I also downloaded the offline version of AVG so that I could put it on my laptop. (Must have an anti-virus to register my laptop to use wireless here). After that, Melody and I headed towards the campus, which is about a 20 minute walk, or so. I enjoy the walk a bit, but it was pretty windy today, so it was colder and it kind of bothered my ears. I should have taken my scarf. :[ Tomorrow I will take it! I also saw that there are umbrellas at the front that are free for residents of the seminar house to use when we go out. ^^

Melody took a video of our 20 minute walk to the campus. Hehe. It's an interesting path. I took a few more pictures on the path and of the campus. I refuse to take pictures of our room until we 'officially' move in on the 31st. It is too messy with me not being able to move in because there is a third girl, Nikki, who is on her second semester here, who will be doing the home-stay, but they don't move in until the 31st, as well. She was nice. She gave Melody and I a small gift of chocolates. ^^ I had some for breakfast today. Haha.

Melody met her speaking partner today; Megumi. She was nice. She doesn't know much english so Melody has to use only Japanese. I think we did okay though! I didn't speak much. Too shy. She did ask me a few questions. We ate lunch together at the campus Mc Donalds. I got a hamburger and small fries and a small coke. It was delicious. People said that Mc Donalds would be different from American Mc Donalds. I'm sure there are some weird things to order, but the hamburger was the same! So I enjoyed it. I had to leave Melody and Megumi some alone time because I had my orientation at 1:00. (13:00) I have to get used to military time!

The orientation was nice. The ladies running it were amusing. They taught us how to use the language program. I think it's a bit similar to the language lab work we had to do at Mount Union, but there's a lot more interactive options and videos and such. After the orientation on computer stuff, we took a small campus tour to some of the important buildings. It was a little helpful, but Melody had already helped me with that, since she had orientation the day before. I helped her with banking too. Go teamwork!

After orientation, Melody and I signed up to have our laptops registered tomorrow at 2:40pm. (14:40) We also paid all of our fees! There is a Kyoto trip friday at 2:00 (14:00). We signed up for that. The cost for the train is only 1000¥. (~$10.00). I look forward to this trip very much, because I really really really really really want to go to Kyoto. I guess there is also another trip to kyoto in February, as well. I can't wait to take pictures there.

On our way back to our seminar house, Melody and I took time to take some pictures, which I described above. Earlier this morning, before we did anything else, we tried to purchase pre-paid phones, but while we were in line, they ran out of the pre-paid phones, so we left. We're going to try again tomorrow. I counted up all my money. I have enough to do all this and that. I'm going to buy the cheapest phone because I don't care about the way it is, I just want to be able to get a hold of Melody if we're not together. xD

I saw Melon Bread at the campus convenient store, as well as Calorie Mate. They made me smile big time. I'd like to try the Melon Bread. ^_^ I guess the only bad thing about my day is that I had set up Weeg's picture on my desk, but when I opened my folder, the picture fell right into the crack behind the desk! The desk is screwed into the floor, so there's no chances of getting it back. .-. It will be in Japan forever!! Hahahah.

In about an hour, I'm going on a little trip with some people and probably one of the RA's to a supermarket. I'll buy dinner and maybe some foods for the dorm. I also realized today that I need to start saving 100¥ coins so that I can do laundry! The machine only takes 100¥ coins!

I guess that's all I can really say for now~!


  1. Sounds like you are figuring it all out well. Sorry to hear about Weegs picture. Once you get your laptop registered, you can see him via skype or FB pics. Maybe print out a new one.

    I agree with you needing to get a pre-paid cell phone, so you can contact anyone in the event of an emergency or you get lost, etc. Don't go living on McD's.... it's not that good for ya. LOL

    I wish I would have been up to talk to you! I have been leaving my skype on... just in case.

    Oh yeah, I have been taking AVG off my pc's and adding Microsoft Security Essentials. It's another free anti-virus... just in case you need another choice.

    I love you very much and miss you. I enjoy reading these posts too. HUGS to you!

  2. Tell Melody thanks for posting that video! It was very awesome to see! :D I'm sorry about Weegar's picture too. XD Also going to Kyoto is super awesome. :D I'll be like your mom and keep a look out on Skype, it'd be awesome to just say hi. :D

  3. -is in Japan-

    I wonder how long that picture will be there?? I bet the person that eventually finds it will try to ID the gundam im putting together in that picture XD. Oh well, at least you have a story to tell about it. Gino and Suuz lawld Good thing we went back to your house to grab your flight info and locket!

    I'm going to request a few days off in a row at the end of this month so I can start moving into the house, and when that happens I WILL FINALLY HAVE INTERNET!! I'll be waiting for you on skype too!