Thursday, January 28, 2010


I would like to say to anyone who is reading to not be discouraged from leaving any questions or comments! I actually really enjoy seeing comments. *^^* As well as replying!

Continuing my adventure~!

Last night I figured out how to use the stove! I realized I was turning it off as soon as I had turned it on. That's not an easy way to cook things now is it? I ate a second cup of ramen for dinner. This one was absolutely delicious. :) (But I can't say that's a healthy dinner now can I)? This time, there were some students from Australia in the dining area. There was a funny Japanese game show on the television where the contestants go and stand in a booth, and three of them will get drenched in water. It was pretty funny. Japanese game shows usually are! After dinner, the wireless network became available!! Very exciting. Our third, temporary roommate also came to spend the night with us. She started gathering her things as well. We talked for a good while before I became too tired to stay up any longer. Nikki (our temporary roommate) had gone to Kyoto and she was lucky enough to have her picture taken with one of the geisha! *Jealousy* I don't think I could ever ask that. I don't think the geisha like it either, but oh man! (It might have been a maiko, I don't remember the photo that well). I also expressed that I have a very important mission while I am here in Japan. That is to find ANYTHING Sailormoon, of course.

This morning, I woke up around 9:00am. It is kind of rainy outside today, so I got to take one of the seminar house's umbrellas with me. I also decided that my iPod nano, who I have named "Maestro," would accompany me on my morning walk to campus. It was wonderful listening to music. I missed it <3.>
Before I left for Japan:
A photo of Taylor and I at Asuka's in Westlake, OH.
A photo of Dav being Dav. Justin's friends in the background too.
My companion to Japan. Turtwig. (Right)
The good thing about going away for a while is that you get to have people celebrate with you before you leave. Here is a photo of my dad and I before we went and had a steak dinner the night before I left.
The Chicago O'Hare International Airport is huge! As long as you follow the signs, you'll be ok!
Here is a photo of my expensive, crappy sandwich. Go America. And you get to see my phone. It REALLY let me down. ;-;
Here is a photo of the plane we took to come to Japan. It's a Boeing 777-333 (773). This flight was amazing!! I slept most of it.
A photo of Melody before boarding into JAL. Probably a bit nervous, but also VERY sleepy.
Here is a photo of the Memorial Building on Campus. Melody included.
Campus. . .

The Multimedia Center & Library building.
The Center for International Education. We go to this building almost everyday! Our mailboxes are in here and so is a computer lab, a student lounge, the art studios, faculty offices some classrooms, and sign up sheets for field trips or tours.
Some mountains you can see from campus.
Part of Hirakata City you can see from campus.
I think this is a main faculty building.

That's all I can post for now. The network is having a fit with me loading pictures. More to come!


  1. Hey, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blogs! And I thought I'd say that you can indeed listen to music...Or at least on domestic flights and the flights I've taken to Latin America...There's usually a list of approved electronics someplace.

  2. Wow, Nice photos. Thank you for placing them up there. Looks like you are learning the ropes there well.

    Nothing much going on here, although tonight is my first night at Willey's and tomorrow is my hypnoke night. I am a little nervous about that one.

    Devil dog keeps yelping in her cage all morning while I slept. I could just scream because I know she was out just prior. She can't just bark... she has to howl cry, like death is coming. Grrrrr I bet you don't miss that. LOL

    Today is 20degrees here. Woke up to snow covered ground. YUCK~ It's been crappy weather here. but, that is Ohio Winter for ya. I hope your weather is at least more tolerable.

    Love and HUGS and Thank you for posting~

  3. XD Chicago airport is ridiculously huge. I'm glad you made it through okay! :D The pictures are lovely, Imma gonna keep em and show 'em to my mom and everybody. Everyone's interested in your adventuressss. :D

  4. @Mom - Winter here is actually pretty nice. It generally stays in the 40's-50's. I still wear a jacket because I get cold easy. Melody loves it.

    @Crystal - Sweet!

  5. You can see my watch in that dinner picture. Good times, I wish we took more pictures that night though. Your camera seems to be working nicely ^___^ -Weeg