Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Melon Bread

Shopping last night was a fun little trip with a small group from our seminar house. We took the long way, for some reason, but I think it's because there were stores on that rout that we could visit. We first went to 99 ("kyukyu") where a lot of items are 99¥. I bought some ramen for dinner. I still haven't gone out to eat anywhere off campus. I'm kind of hoping to get together with Pat or whoever and go out to Obaasan's. Apparently they have great meals for cheap. We went to a larger super market and looked around. I bought some laundry detergent. I realize now that it smells like grapefruits. (YUCK)!! But, I guess I don't care, because I have my dryer sheets and perfume and whatever. I'm not even sure if what I bought is detergent! Haha. I saw some bread and jam. When the kitchen is more open after official move in, I am going to buy bread and jam. :) I <33333 bread with Jam. I could buy blueberry too! But I also saw cherry, so I have a conflict. Melody and I saw some spaghetti stuff as well, but I'm a bit skeptical to cooking still. I don't know anything about the kitchen.

When we returned to the seminar house, we tried to cook up our ramen. I couldn't get the stove to heat up, but someone else who was making ramen as well gave us the rest of his hot water. We ate in the dining area, but it was a bit awkward because the other people in there didn't talk to us and Melody and I got this vibe that the girls in there weren't exactly nice. :x AND. . . MY RAMEN WAS SPICY. I was so sad because it was spicy. T_T Yuck. But it was kind of tasty too.

I woke up early today (7:00am) to get ready because Melody and I had to take our Japanese placement tests. We also had to carry our laptops in our backpacks because it was finally time to get them registered for wireless access! (Woohoo)! Supposedly, they are supposed to work tonight, but I have a feeling they might not. .

The test was extremely difficult. The listening part was soooo fast! You only get to hear it once as well, and while you're doing that, you're trying to read what your options are on the paper for answers. I guess it really doesn't matter where I place in Japanese, but Melody is determined to be placed as high as she CAN because if she's going to be teaching Japanese, I think she really wants to speak it as fluently as possible, you know? I suppose I'll get there in time, maybe. Ultimately, yes. ^_^ Within my college years? Probably not, but I am happy studying Japanese. It's fun and interesting the more you use it.

After the placement test, we tried to buy pre-paid phones again, but once more they were all out!! It's a bit tedious. Try, try, try again. Ne? If we can't get them anytime soon, I think we'll take a trip to the store instead of getting them on campus. While we were in the convenient store, we decided to just purchase lunch from there. We both bought packaged sandwiches that I saw a girl eating the other day. I got one that kind of looked like macaroni and cheese was inside. Melody got Soba Noodles. (Mine was the better choice! I switched one with her though, because I felt bad that her sandwich was gross and I should try it anyway). We also got Calorie Mates and bread. The Maple Calorie Mates kind of taste like dry pancakes. I also bought Melon Bread!! I've seen it in DearS, so I really really wanted to try it. It is soooooooo good!! I love it! I don't think it tastes like melon or anything. It has sugar on the top. It's kind of shaped like a strange melon, I guess? I suggest it to anyone who wants to try something here. Melody got ham bread. lol.

I turned in all of my paper work! All that's left is getting myself registered as an alien at the city, but I think we'll learn about that tomorrow. There was an interesting orientation session on 'Living in Japan.' It was really just a safety orientation. How to be a pedestrian/biker and what to do in the event of fires or earthquakes. (And Japan does have a lot of earthquakes, but nothing too crazy).

After getting our laptops registered, Melody and I headed out to the clothes shop to buy slippers for inside the seminar house. (I think Otoosan was quite stern when he was explainging that we should wear slippers in the house instead of running around in our socks. . . not that we really wanted to). Melody and I were both in awe at HOW CUTE everything in the store was. I was literally like this: $_$ haha.

I bought myself a cute, pink blossom cloth to wipe my hands with, since I didn't have one. (Most Japanese people carry around a cloth, like a hankerchief because not all bathrooms have towels). I also got a super cute pair of slippers that are pink and white with a HUGE bow on top and a small bit of lace. *_* Pics later. We also bought new wallets so that we could have easier access to yen. We have matching one's, except mine is in opposite colors. I also got a new headband and some bunny hair ties. *^^* I'm thinking that I should buy a new pair of black boots somewhere here and toss out the ones I have. They've become to torn apart already and they're not comfortable.

Not much to do tomorrow besides attend 3 orientation meetings. I think this time I won't need my backpack. I'll probably hop online a couple of times in between when there's nothing to do, aside from trying to get a phone or eating lunch. I'm trying to make a dinner date with our third roomie before she moves out to homestay. We haven't really made any 'friends' yet. :\ I suppose it will be easier once we start classes and see familiar faces more often.

That's all for now~


  1. Hope you get internet access soon! Keep up the awesome entriessss. :D

  2. I are has internet access. >D Although, it's a bit slow.

  3. Just testing it now, since I wrote what I wanted to in a regular comment. Hope this works. Love u, Grandma

  4. $__$ for sure. Go nuts!