Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures Pt. II

So, I find that it's just easier to upload one picture at a time. So here are the rest! If you click on them, they will become larger! (Almost too large.. haha.)

The famous on campus Mc Donalds! And yes, they have normal food. They even tried to get me to upgrade to a medium. D'aww.
This is the area that is displayed in the Campus booklet. It looks like a large commons area. It's pretty cool. Melody and I ate our interesting sandwiches here. But, in my opinion, it was still a bit too cold.
Here is a small court on the campus. If you come in through the east gate, you pretty much have to pass it. There are some students playing soccar.
A LOT of students will commute either by bike or motor bike. Melody and I choose to walk to campus because it's only 20 minutes, and walking is good! But, if we're ever running late. . .
Here is one of many long roads we walk. This particular section is next to the baseball practice area. (Or so I assume.)
And when you make the turn, another path! You can see my shadow!
Some interesting things we pass on the small road we walk home on. Yes. It's a road. Cars do drive relatively fast, but it's not particularly as busy as the main roads. Lots of people on bikes too. It's not easy being a pedestrian. I'm trying to imagine what happens when two cars want to go opposite directions. . .
This is my home! Seminar House 2!! (On a pretty day). My dorm is on the right side of the picture on the second floor. (You can't see it). Make sure you take your shoes off!

And now for some of my shopping spoils!

Wasn't EXACTLY sure if this was detergent. . . but here it is in it's tiny glory.
My cute new headband. Everything in Japan is cute. :) I wore it out today!
I didn't bring many hair ties to Japan. I figured I'd buy a bunch.. but, I saw these! Bunnies -*_*-
I wore these today as well! Perfect for braids!
Most girls, (and probably everyone in general) carries a little handkerchief. I'm obsessed with Cherry Blossoms. . . so, I spent a little more on this nifty, pretty one. ^^-
My wallet is strangely inconvenient for carrying yen. . . so I purchased this one! (Melody's is the exact opposite color scheme). I love it and it's so much easier to use.
Here are the super adorable slippers I purchased to run around the house in. I think you all know they had my name written all over them before I even got here. :)
Last, but certainly not least. MELONPAN. (Or Melon Bread for those of you who are unexperienced in foreign languages). AMAZING *_*!!


  1. Gotta love all those cute things.

    Can you rent a bike for the days your running late? LOL but then again, that scares me, if you are trying to ride, and those fast cars happen to hit the skinny road while your on it.

    Hey... are there speed (signs) limits there and is it enforced like it is here? Since your not driving around you may not notice, but.. in all those pictures, i never noticed a speed limit sign. Anyway.... i better run, I want to re-frost my hair before tonight.

    Geesh, we didn't get to trim your bangs. All I do is part off your bangs and pull them down, bunched together as if I was going to put them into a ponytail. Then snip across right at the top of your nose... right between your eyes. Maybe you can get Melody to snip them for you. Make sure the scissors are sharp, or it's harder to get straight.

    Love you bunches...

  2. That メロンパン (random excuse to write katakana) looks so gooooddd. XD I've been raving about it ever since you told me you had some! And yes, those sleepers were destined to be purchased by you. XD Hope you're having fun and be safe~!

  3. @mom - There are speed limit signs, but I don't think traffic is as enforced here as at home, but people still do get in trouble. I won't be getting a bike because I'd have to buy one and then register it and all that jazz. I'd rather just walk around. It seems a bit safer to walk.

    @Crystal - Just order some on ebay or something. xD It's worth it.

  4. Mystery bottle of detergent huh? I bet you picked that one out because it was pink. Also those headbands are mega cute ;D