Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, I have officially been in Japan for a day! I can't tell you how much uncertainty I've had in the last 24 hours. The plane rides were great. Well, the first one wasn't anything I care to remember. Melody and I boarded a small plane with American Airlines and I feel bad that was her first flight. Haha. It was cramped. But it was only to Chicago. After the flight to Chicago, we found our next gate and waited for a long time. We realized that we couldn't eat once we were past security, so we ended up buying $10 sandwiches. They weren't even yummy. :( Also, after I sent a text message to my boyfriend, my phone died! At first it was blinking a black screen, then it blinks my startup screen. I am so crushed that it has broken. I can't even take it to get it fixed. ;-;

When we boarded Japan Airlines, we were giggling because there were lots of Japanese people. We felt like minorities. The plane ride was very very nice and I slept very well. The food on the plane was very good too. I didn't watch any movies because I was too tired. I solved a bunch of Sudoku puzzles.

When we landed in Japan, we tried our best to get to our next terminal, but we also had to deal with becoming registered and stuff because we entered the country. We kind of botched it up because I thought that our next flight was considered domestic and not international, since we were already in Japan, but it was still considered international. We were able to still get everything done and then we waited at our gate. While we were waiting, we both felt kind of dizzy. I wonder if it was from the plane rides.

When we arrived in Osaka, I exchanged my money for yen and we met with Nick Summa, who helped us figure out what to do next. It would have been very difficult to figure out without him there. We bought two bus tickets (the last bus ride) to Hirakata, ($20.00 each) and once we got to Hirakata, we managed to get a taxi to take us to our seminar house. (Good thing we had the address).

We went into our room, received a HUGE packet of information and forms to fill out. There are lots of expenses too. $100 Deposit for our dorm (returned at the end of the semester), a $10.00 liability fee, and a $150 security deposit. So much for the pocket money I had. I also have to pay $100 for the Sumi-e class I will sign up for. (If I get into it). I might get a cell phone here. So that I can text people I am going to know.

Last night, we pretty much semi-settled in, since we can't officially settle in until the 31st. We went to sleep around midnight here. (Not bad). I woke up once in the morning. (I dreamed about our new room and that I woke up every hour). We woke up at 11:30am and hit the showers! I was a little suspicious of this activity because of the way someone had once described it to me, but they were pretty normal. I really like the washroom! Also, washing clothes is 200 yen. ($2.00) and drying is 100 yen.

After getting all prettied up, Melody and I made our adventure to the campus. It's a bit of a walk, but not too much. I think I know the way. The campus itself is a little confusing as well. Hopefully, I'll understand it soon. I take my tour tomorrow. Today, while Melody was scheduled for the tour, I went to a banking session and applied to open a bank account. (You must open one if you recieve the JASSO scholarship, which I do. This is so that they can deposit the stipends on March 1). After that, Melody showed me where the ATM was and we got some more cash so that we could still have money after paying all the fees. We also went to the cafeteria and ate some food. Tsukemen (Dipping ramen). It was pretty good. It was honestly the first time (and only) we ate. :x

We met two girls at the International Center for Education. They are Yuki and Hikari. They were very enthusiastic and proclaimed that they would both be my speaking partner! It made me happy, but I didn't get any of their information except their names. Haha. Oh well. Hopefully we bump into each other again in the building tomorrow since I'll be in the same situation. Melody and I also plan to have lunch at the Mc Donalds that is on campus. This way we can break some of our bigger bills and feel able to use small change and so on for vending or regular purchases.

My posts don't feel very complete, but this is the best I can do for now, since I am using a computer lab computer. I can't put up any pictures or do a quick log, since my computer is not yet registered. Ah! I also have a mailing address, so if you'd like it, please let me know and I will get that to you.

Sleepy still~

Tomorrow I will try to explore the area around campus/seminar house more and study for my placement exam. I should buy some paper. xD~

Thinking about going on a Kyoto Tour that has been advertised. . .


  1. :D So glad the trip went well for you! And it seems like Melody had a good first flight(s). You had to do a lot of stuff to get all set up! ;_; And those fees. XD But you got it done! I hope you get to do some fun stuff before school starts. :D

  2. Thanks for travelling with me -- I would've died without you I think XD;

  3. Sounds like everything will be great. Eat more and know that you are missed!

    Thanks for the update... love it.

  4. Yeah, that whole ordeal with your phone breaking was TERRIBLE. One minute we were texting, then when I tried to call you to say goodbye, I just kept getting your voicemail. :( I'm not going to lie, I was genuinely freaking out. But then I got that text from your mom explaining what happened and I started to calm down. If it weren't for Melody, I wouldn't have been able to say one last goodbye to you before your LONG trip to the Pacific-theatre. THANK YOU MELODY! I'm going to buy you some Hello Kitty stickers. Glad all is well. <3