Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Room

Alas, Nikki has moved out of our room and will be moving in with her homestay family today. The amount of freedom she will have may be limited, so maybe sometime we'll be able to hang out again. This also means that I moved all of my stuff into my room and organized everything! ^o^-
Ta-da! Here is our room! My side is on the right.
This is a shoe box at the entrance of our room, but I also utilized it for my bathroom things, since I can just grab them and go. You have to carry your shoes downstairs though. Don't wear them in the seminar house! だめ~ブーっ。
When you are not sleeping, you fold up your futon and put it inside the closet. (My poor clothes). Underneath is a place for clothes, although not much. And you only get five hangers. I'll post a picture of my futon later tonight.
On the other side of the room is this mysterious wall. . .
We get both heating and air conditioning! We also have a vent fan that I pretty much keep on all the time so that it doesn't get stuffy or stinky inside.
Mystery revealed! There is another door that leads out to a small balcony. I like this because I can check the weather for the day before I get ready.
Here is my work desk. I keep most of my electronics in the second drawer from the top and the one under that holds all my make-up.

Honestly, everything is a lot more convenient than even at Mount! I actually have room for my computer on my desk (haha) and there are plenty of drawers and I even get a mirror. I really like this place. The Air conditioner/heater is controlled by a remote control. I am glad for this. It was cold the day we got here. It also has a 1 hour timer if you don't want to shut it off yourself. *thumbs up* b^_^d


  1. Looks very nice. Where Wiigs picture will remain forever. LOL

    Will show the kids tomorrow. I will have them leave you comments.


  2. :D The room looks very quaint and made for organization! I like it. And I love those headphones you got! I saw Melody had some similar ones! I'd love to have headphones like that. XD~

  3. looks like you have a cozy place to stay:-), they like you to keep things pretty much in order!love you! dad