Friday, January 29, 2010


Last night, Nikki took me and Melody out for dinner. We walked up the street to a place called "TokuToku" (得得). There, Melody and I got niku udon (meat udon [noodle] soup). Nikki got tempura. It was very delicious. I even ordered a single serving and it was still too much for me. (You can order 4 sizes larger all on one price). After a much filling meal, we came back home and went to sleep. I sleep wonderfully here.

This morning, I received my Kansai Gaidai student ID and a list of my classes that I will be taking here. (Which has completely changed, but is not yet completely final either). I am taking, of course, two Japanese courses, Japanese Body Language and Japan through Western Films. I didn't get into Sumi-e, but I am on the waiting list. If I can get into it. . . awesome. If not, I'm not sure what to do. I find out what Japanese level I am in tomorrow when I check my mail. It's sitting in there right now.

At 2:00 (14:00) everyone who signed up to go to Kyoto gathered in front of the Center for International Education in groups and were paired up with Japanese kids. I met four fantastic Japanese girls who showed us a good time in Kyoto. Fumi, Yuki, Keiko and Erika. They were all very nice and they were amusing as well! We didn't really talk to them until we were on our way to the station and on the train. We took a train to Kyoto. It was a nice train because there were lots of seats. Melody and I got to sit down. They called us cute a bunch of times. It was nice to hear someone say that. *^^* THEY EVEN SAID I LOOKED LIKE SAILORMOON. (Haha. Go pigtails.) Then I told them 「セーラームーンが大ーーーっ好きですよ!」I love Sailormoon. haha. Yes. It's out there now. I said it.

We rode right into Gion!! (If you know anything about Geisha, one of the most famous places is Gion Kobu). I was hoping with all of my heart to spot a Geiko or Maiko walking around, but I didn't. Not even during their working hours. :[ But, I did go and visit a Buddhist Shrine!
The first thing we saw that was very interesting was the Kabuki Theater! It's an amazing building. I hope I go to see Kabuki sometime! Especially in Kyoto. Also, there was this large structure of what seemed to look just like Melody's face! (Hehe.)
This is the entrance to the shrine. It can't be missed.

People praying and offering money.
Supposedly, this one's effective on relationships.

One of my favorite things about the Japanese language is Engrish. Here are two examples I found myself! "Keep you best" and "Do You Kyoto?"

Just in case you were wondering if I was really writing this blog, yes, I'm in Japan. Here, take the infamous Japanse "bui" pose.

Japan has this obsession with cute things. I really like this though. Here is an example of "cute." A meal advertisement.
These shirts were hilarious! I'm sure you all know "puma" brand. I personally enjoy the "tuna" shirt in the blue.

I have A LOT more pictures to show, but I am sooo very tired and I must get sleep. More tomorrow! おやすみ~!(Oyasumi) - Good night!


  1. Awwww, LOVE all the photos. Thank you! Yes, I agree so many cute things... everything so child like... seems so fresh and light hearted. I get it.

    I wish I was there, experiencing all this cool stuff, but you're doing a great job bringing it all to us. YAY! ^_^

    Right now it's 14 deg. COLD... brrrr and it's supposed to get colder. Not enjoying this cold very much. At least the skiiers here in Ohio are finally getting their good cold winter for skiing season. Wish I still skiied.... LOL will wait for spring/summer, warm sun, water and pull out the boat.

    Well kiddo, I loved talking to you early this morning (late night for you). I have to get up around 6am-7am to catch ya. LOL, it's all good. I go back to bed. I am sure you are still tucked in bed as it's 14:16 right now our time, 04:16 your time tomorrow. LOL Yet, somehow we still all exist at the same time.

    Talk to you soon, and LOVE you lots...

  2. OK, I used skii a lot like wii on purpose... but then I thought to myself, i don't think it's all that funny... so I thought I would leave an extra note. Just giggle and make me feel my task was accomplished. LOL


    I bet you lit up and had the biggest smile on your face when they said you looked like Sailor Moon. You probably even fought the urge to get up and pose. XD