Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, I woke up early, but not because of school. I woke up to go out to Osaka! More specifically Shinsaibachi. (A shopping district). We left at about 10:00 to catch the bus and meet up with Nikki's friend. We took the bus to the train station and rode the trains to Shinsaibachi. It was very exciting.

Our first stop was lunch. You can't shop on an empty stomach, after all. Nikki and her friend, Sarah, introduced us to a really super cute cafe called "Sweets Paradise." I kept calling it "Sweets Party" and "Sweets Parade." I don't know why. It's mostly girls inside. This isn't really a place you should go to all the time, though, because they serve mostly sweets.

Don't worry. . .I had some fruit and rice to balance it out?

Running around Shinsaibashi is fun. Apparently, at night time, it's where lots of yakuza types come out. Here I am ringing a bell for good luck. :)

Another Kabuki theater!! And some Japanese people staring at me.

After we went shopping, we stopped at a cafe so that Melody and I could have our first Parfait. I got strawberry. It was very sweet with tangerines on the bottom. I also have Melody's Cherry. She didn't want it. *_*

There was an arcade called SEGA (yeah, THAT sega) and on the second floor, there were many machines that girls go into and take all these cute photos. We had some made! It was only 100¥ too. I decorated the bottom right picture.

Out of all of the shops we passed, I was a good girl and got only what I had my heart set out on. (But I tell you!! I'm tempted to throw away all my clothes and buy a whole bunch of new things from Japan. *_* It's all perfect for me.) The longer one's are black, the shorter one's are brown. I'me excited for them.

Don't forget to check out my previous post on my trip to Kyoto! (part 2 with amazing pictures) Tomorrow, I'll be able to finally get pictures of my room. :)




  2. That sweet paradise could be an addictive place, but for some reason, everyone in the photo is pretty thin. I on the other hand will most likely gain weight just looking at these photos. ha ha ha

    Tim *waves* hi! He is enjoying the photos as much as I am. We miss you!

    I enjoyed this rather lazy evening. I went with Julie today to try on her wedding dress and they messed up the color. It's not white, it's off white. Julie is rather upset. We are trying to get it exchanged, but it may just have to switch the rest of the attire to off white. That will be hard to do... but.. there is still time to hopefully exchange the shoes, veil, and flower girl dress.

    I am getting very sleepy, as it's almost 1:30am. Which is your mid afternoon now. I hope your out and about having fun.
    Happy Sunday~
    Love and HUGS

  3. All I can think of is Usagi going nuts about those dessert shops. I'm glad you got an extra cherry.