Saturday, March 20, 2010

春Spring Break休み

It's the first day of spring break! I did not make any huge plans such as going to Okinawa or China or anything crazy like that. I just want to go back to Kyoto a few times and go to some downtown areas. I'd really love to go out and karaoke with friends, but it seems to be hard to get people to go with us. I'd like to get a sushi/sake get together going on sometime.

Today was a beautiful day! It was actually warm outside! Melody and I went to the park and I sat in the swings I wanted to play on every time I had passed them. After that, we went to the park to see if they sold ice-cream, but they didn't. We ended up going to Hirakatashi station via bus. It took a while because today was the graduation ceremony for the Japanese Students. The girls were all dressed up in Hakama and their hair done up. It was so pretty. At the station, Melody and I ate some cheap but yummy food, then we went shopping, went to the arcade, and had a parfait. It was a great way to start off summer break. Tomorrow we are going to DenDen town again for the big festival. It might rain tomorrow, but I'll stay optimistic.

Here are some pictures of my spoils.

French Toast! Nothing too great. That's not soda. I got fruit juice!

The purikura of Melody and I today.

Ultimate deliciousness~

A cute headband I got to match tomorrow's outfit~

Nail Polish~ My nails grow really long here and tend to last like that, so lets make them pretty now.

Some crazy nails for tomorrow. :p

Earrings to match

Pretty nail art. Cuuuuuute.

A new necklace for tomorrow. Ahahaha. It's so gaudy.

The cute ring I told everyone about.

The first necklace I told you all about. It broke right before my exam. :(

A cute locket! <3


  1. So, where did that little white bear come from? ;) Yeah, make sure you get some pics of you all decked out in your gear. I'd love to see you in that head band with those nails/accessories. I bet you're smiling like crazy just thinking about wearing those. Have fun. <3

  2. I just noticed The Hero hiding behind your stuff ^__^ and the rose.

  3. How fun.... I keep breaking my nails bringing my karaoke equipment in and out of establishments. I wanted them to be nice and long for my trip, but doesn't look that way. I may just end up cutting them or having them done somewhere cheap. I never did like my nails done, they pulsate with pain and are too thick to enjoy good scratching. LOL

    Last night was Julie's bachelorette party. I told her that you wished you were there, but it was rather impossible. LOL She said you should have flown home, just for that... with a giggle. :)

    Well chickydoo... i have so much to get done prior to leaving for Cancun... I don't know how the heck I can get everything done. But I will try....

    Love that you are having a good time and enjoying your Spring Break.

    Lots of LOVE and HUGS