Sunday, March 7, 2010


I feel like my weekend disappeared really fast. Friday, I went out and bought some actual snack food, as opposed to groceries. I did buy some more milk though. I also spent the evening relaxing, for the most part, I think. I can't really recall Friday that well. I tried to make Melody's so called "Supayaki" (Fried spaghetti). It was very delicious! I put noodles (mine were short and tubed) into a pot and boiled them until they were soft. Once they were all soft, I put butter and chopped onions into a frying pan and then fried the spaghetti along with a tomato. When it was done, I added cheese and viola! "Supayaki!" It was very good and I was happy that it was. It smelled so good while I was cooking it. I should have taken a picture, but I feel weird about doing things like that.

Saturday, I woke up early and got ready to go to shinsaibashi. We did a little bit of shopping. I bought a ring that looks like a bow and a necklace to match most of my outfits that have black. (And that's a lot. . . ) They were expensive though. (~$30). I wanted to buy a brown headband with a bow on it, but it was about 20 dollars too. There is no way. . .

After shopping, we all went to a restaurant that had all you can eat pizza, pasta, and salad. It was pretty good! I'm VERY skeptical in Japan about pizza, but this place had some decent food. I even had a peach soda, which was yummy too. I went to a costume shop, again, and I wanted to buy so many things, but the thoughts I were having were:
a) This isn't going to fit in my suitcase.
b) I don't know my measurements and we can't try these on.
c) I should do this online when I'm home.

Before 3:30pm, Sarah and I left Shinsaibashi to meet up with a friend of her's host family. They were going to take us to see Rakugo! Rakugo is a type of comedy act. We have stand up comedy, they have traditional sit-down comedy. It's actually really funny, but as you are assuming, yes: I had NO idea what they were saying. The good thing was that it wasn't only rakugo performances. The first performance was a skit about two guys planning on robbing a bank. The other guy was making all kinds of mistakes with puns. It was really funny. The second skit was rakugo. . . the third skit was the best in my opinion. It made my entire night! It was these two men who played Shamisen. They played a very famous song and eventually they dueled between both shamisen and taiko drum. Here is a very close example to what I saw:
I was so happy. I might have gotten a little teary. After that magnificent performance, there was this hilarious new rakugo performance done about Godzilla. There were so many props and then the guy turned himself into MOTHzilla and got the audience involved. I was laughing so hard, even though I had no idea what he was really saying. The performance after that was another traditional rakugo story, and then they all came out on stage and played a game where they had to recite the story of Peach Boy (A traditional story) without using the sound "ta," which is impossible because the story is all in past tense, and everything is past tense is ta. Haha. It was amusing and I enjoyed it a lot. The theater was sold out. (It was a pretty small theater too).

After the performance, a small group of us ate dinner at some place off the street. I tried a gyoza set and then found my way home with a girl who was also in the seminar houses. I was dead tired, but I was afraid of losing my weekend too.

Today I woke up and did some cleaning. I have homework to do and I also made pancakes for the first time! They turned out perfect and I am so happy about it. :9 Once again, I should have taken photos. Haha.


  1. LOL, so good to hear more from you. I know how fast time flies... i don't know what happened to my weekend at all.... whoop, and it's gone.

    I think I will try that fried spaghetti. YUM~
    Perhaps i will cook it sometime this week. You described it so well.

    I guess my words are also past tense... but can be your current present. LOL nice huh?

    Love you lots!


    PS. any news on post office?

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you couldn't get any cosplay stuff or even try any on. It would have been fun to at least see pictures!

    That Rakugo performance sounds like a blast, -tries to imagine MOTHZILLA- I'm glad you had a good time despite not being able to understand the majority of it. Even got "a little teary" huh? It must have really made an impression on you.

    Sounds like you had a pretty solid weekend, despite a lot of stuff getting canceled on you last minute. I'm glad it worked out for you.