Friday, March 12, 2010

Midterms! *shriek*

Oh my goodness! What a week! I have so much to do it's almost overwhelming. Next week is Midterm week and it has already begun. In my Communication class, we were assigned an 8 page paper on 4 topics. I did half of it yesterday and finished it just now. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm terrible at getting papers to be lengthy. I'm a bit upset at the professor because he assigned us a LOT of reading material for a class during midterm week. I object and will read it during spring break after the discussion. I just can't handle that right now with everything else going on. I also have a 5-7 page paper due on Wednesday, (which basically means get it done this weekend...) on the topic of finding something portrayed as "Japanese," such as a film, and analyzing it with the topics we have talked about in class. (We can incorporate our own as well.) I'm going to head to the library tomorrow (on a Saturday!? Oh my.) and pick out a film to watch and take down lots of notes and then write all about it. Maybe it won't be so bad...

I also have Japanese exams coming up. Two writing tests and an oral test. (Somewhat similar to the situation examples we practiced with Furuhata Sensei and her teaching assistant. I hope I do alright... I've been practicing to memorize what I want to say.)

I took my camera with me today, so I took a picture of my delicious (and somewhat expensive) lunch that I had today. It made me feel really good though, so it was worth it.
Ta-da! No idea what it was called.. but it seems like a basic stir-fry type thing. I'm pretty sure the meat was chicken. :9 It was delicious. (And about $5). It came with rice, salad, and soup.

Here are some of my sumie paitnings that I have worked on lately. (I don't think these are the one's I turned in though, except for the chrysanthemums. Those I turned in.)


  1. Oh man! Midterms! I hope you do well on them! I'm wishing you all the luck and mad skills in the world. XD And like I said before, your sumi-e is VERY lovely! I really like the bamboo and rock one. :D

  2. Thanks Crystal. I hope all of your wishing pierces through the core of the Earth on it's way, bounces to the stars and comes back to me with some unfound wisdom and knowledge. xD ... and it better not take too long either. I have better bamboo peices. I'll make everyone anything they want.

  3. Wow... Beautiful paintings Kaylie. Talented as always. I hope you can save some of these and bring them home. I want to hang more on my walls. LOL

    Don't worry too much about midterms. You have always done very well. Take deep breaths and take time to think of "nothing". Clearing the mind just before tests does wonders. Your artwork will help with this, and music. LOL

    Also remember... only one more year and your DONE! no more cramming, no more tests. Unless of course you want more.

    We all miss you here. We did get to enjoy Justin's company as he stopped in to visit at the moose. He misses you so much, keeping family contact brings him a little closer to you. Gotta love that. A man in love. :)

    Anyway... Corey Heim (Lost Boys)died four days ago. I was in shock.... drug combination and pneumonia. Such a shame.

    I can't wait to have you back home and safe. While I know you are having the time of your life, I still worry. Wishing I could visit.

    So, thank you for all these notes and pictures. Love them...

    Loves and HUGS

    Mom, Tim and all of us.

  4. If I can't get any paintings home, I'll just make more! I'm not too worried. I'll absorb want I can comfortably. I'm glad that I'll be done soon, but an even more scarier thing comes up next year: My Senior Culminating Experience project. I'll have to translate 20 some pages of Japanese... and I honestly don't think I'll be able to do it. ~_~'

    I'm glad Justin had fun.

    Too bad Corey passed. It was bound to happen with all that drug talk. Oddly enough, a girl who was friends with many of my friends at school passed away at Mount. She was a senior too. I think it was due to epilepsy. Fortunately, she went in her sleep at home during spring break. (I couldn't imagine it being any better otherwise. I'm just trying to be optimistic here. Not morbid).

    I miss a lot of convenient things about home, but I like Japan. It's very nice here. I think when I go home, I'll feel more confident about doing things, because here... I don't know how to say anything lol.

  5. That isn't morbid... We all go at one point or another. I would pick in my bed any day over something horribly painful. So I know what you mean.

    You will do fine with CE... just take it one page at a time and hope there isn't a time limit. I hate time tests. LOL

    These experiences are more than what most people get to do. I am proud that one of my kids got a chance like this.

    Tim says hello, he is sitting here reading this with me and says he really likes your artwork. He said "Wow, that is good". He didn't realize you were able to do more art along with your studies.

    I think you picked a good major for yourself. I remember when you took a lot of crap from everyone for picking a major like this, but in all honesty, I think it's giving more experience than the normal average major.

    We are proud of you!
    Lots of Love
    Mom & Tim

  6. That one of the giant bamboo chute is my favorite. I love the colors on the other pieces, but the drab scheme in that one really sets it apart.

    It's always fun seeing you guys at The Moose! I had a blast afterwords with Karla and her friends too.