Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today, in Japan, it is a holiday known as "hina matsuri." This is a girls festival day held on 3/3 for girls. (There is also a boys day on 5/5. Negative Japanese superstition lie on even numbers). This basically translates to Doll Festival. When girls are born in Japan, they are given a gift of many beautiful Heian (a period in Japanese history) style dolls that are displayed in tiers. They usually represent from the top, prestigious figures and under them are their servants.
Here is an example of a display.

One day, someone asked me "So, what exactly is sumie?" and I decided to take a video of me actually doing a painting in my sumi-e class. Please keep in mind that this particular painting isn't very good. I was distracted by trying to keep my camera on the painting as well as not being too noticeable about it in my class. I'm just weird like that. . .
Basically, what is happening is this:
  1. First, you have to grind the sumi. This is the ink. Good sumi smells like a forest after heavy rain. I like it, some people don't. It takes a good while and a strong arm to get good ink, and it's usually the case that I don't have good ink. But I'll use what I can get.
  2. You fill your palletes with water. You can paint with the sumi directly, but to get shades and to have it flow, you need water. It's much like watercolors, I assume, but then again I've never really painted with watercolors.
  3. Since the subject is Plum Blossom (which is in season now), I painted a large branch with many smaller branches that the blossoms will grow from. After that, I added the blossoms and then moss and buds. It is fun -^_^-
Unfortunately, for me, my weekend activities have all been cancelled. I'm a bit bummed out about it because I was REALLY looking forwards to going out on Sunday night. I'm hoping maybe to go out for karaoke on Friday and going to shinsaibashi on Saturday. We'll see! If I don't do anything, then I'll enjoy resting I suppose. (And I do enjoy resting).


  1. LOVED watching your artwork. It's very interesting. It's also great that you get to study a lot of Art. You always loved art... me too.

    I hope you get to sing this weekend.... I know I will. LOL

    HUGS and Lots of LOVE,
    Mom & Tim

    Kari, Jillian and Connor said Hi!

    Shasta and Mixi said roof!

  2. PS. I am sure Karla, Josh and Landon say Hi too! LOL

  3. Kaylie, that painting came out beautifully. You did a fantastic job, even while holding the camera! -impressed- I'm sorry to hear that your weekend plans got canceled. That's always a bummer. I'm sure you and Melody will find something to do though. If not, get your rest on!


  4. Kaylie, your sumi-e is really lovely! It's hard working with watercolors. It's hard to control, everything depends on flow, which is why I've only done watercolor twice in my life. XD But yours came out really pretty. :D