Saturday, March 27, 2010

電Nipponbashi Street Fest電

So there's an event held in Den Den Town called Nipponbashi Street Fest. It's basically an otaku parade followed up by some photo taking. It was fun to attend though. I wish I had a costume to wear. I was feeling a bit out of place, but I think I had enough attention as a foreigner.

A Lolita Cosplay...low caliber kind.

Lolita & Kodona Cosplay of the high caliber kind ^_~

Very crowded. I love the faces I capture, sometimes.

The band comes marching!


Entertaining balcony men!

I love this picture just because the man in the reflection makes me laugh. A lot. But then I realized upon further inspection that there is something much more important! TUXEDO KAMEN!! *Very left*

I'm not sure what this was, but later on my way home that day, I saw a picture of the same guy on the train. *shrug*

Yeah, I have no idea.

Do you likes robots?

These guys kind of seemed visual kei-esque so I took a picture.

No idea...


Old maid

Osaka castle!. . . just kidding. But you can jump inside :)


Paparazzi Luffy

Street Fighter~


One Peice Pirates

Bon Clay~! <3

Full Metal Alchemist

Somewhat familiar...


Lol... honestly, I thought of Gino.


Power Rangers... still going strong.

Repeat after me: Mecha Kawaii

Big Bunny!

Aw, c'mon now.


  1. I had almost forgot about Gino wearing that horse mask. "GOT ANY HAY?!" Is it me? Or does the guy in the Indians uniform look eerily like Dav? He's even wearing the classy version of the uniform Dav owns xD. My dude in the Big Boss outfit certainly gets an A for effort.

  2. Everyone is so spirited here. Our parades seem to bring out only the carnies or politicians. ACK

    Looks like you are having a great time.
    LOVE the photos.

    HUGS and LOVE


    PS. We are going nuts trying to get everything done before leaving for Mexico.
    I just finished Julie's wedding photoshow. What a long job that one was. I most likely put in at least 48 hours on that one. *sigh*