Thursday, February 18, 2010

My First Intimidating Food Experience

So, today, as I was eating my favorite combo from the cafeteria known as the "kurabu ranchi" (Club Lunch. . . only 380 yen too) I had a very interesting experience. Usually, the club lunch comes with two types (or one type) of fried meat, some lettus/cabbage and some noodles. It also comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup, or if you're like me and you hate miso soup you can substitute it for a tiny cup of Melon Soda. (Delicious). Today, there were many delicious things on display, but most of them were sold out by 14:00, so I got my regular club lunch. It was fish and octopus today. (You can tell because it's purple). Unfortunately, as I was eating my second bite of the octopus, I noticed the inside and I saw the tentacles. :( BIG PROBLEM. It really got to me and I ended up spitting out my food. I like octopus, but I can't do the tiny tentacles. Then I started to wonder if it was octopus or squid, and if the latter were true, I could look forward to a night of food poisoning. But I'm fine, (except for the nasty thought of crunching into tiny tentacles). . .

This Sunday there is an event in Kobe about the Chinese New Year. I suppose Melody and I will tag along. New adventure. Also, Nikki and Sarah want to skip classes Thursday to go have Kamogawa Geisha serve them tea at a tea ceremony. This is something I can not miss out on. I don't have to skip any classes because, on Thursdays, (for me) class does not start until noon! Lucky~!

That's about it for my agenda. Tomorrow I have a small vocab test and I finish attempting to paint orchids in Sumi-e. I really should put up some pictures of it. (I'm not very good though. . .)

Here is a fun thing to do: One of these things is not like the other
Hint: Can you find the octopus?


  1. Eeeeeeewwwwww, not sure that I wouldn't have thrown up right then and there. My belly has been week lately. I too have had frid squid before, but NEVER like what you describe. ACK!

    Things are going well here. It's my normal work night.... fun work night. LOL, geesh I love to get paid to play.

    School was called off twice this week, due to bad weather conditions. This morning was due to freezing rain all over the roads.

    Just so you know, your car is tucked away already. Out of anymore of these conditions. We have been pulling the piles of snow off of it, so it's not heavy on that roof.

    Love and HUGS

  2. As crazy as octopus is, those Sweet Onions look delicious. :D

  3. While I was reading this, I thought for sure you were going to say that the octopus was still alive!! I remember that night when you got food poisoning. It was when I took you out to Sakura's for the first time. We both shared (I think it was called) THE LOVE BOAT FOR TWO. Which was a giant boat-shaped plate of sushi..for two :D You seemed to enjoy it at the time, but when we got home later you got SOOOO sick. I felt so bad for you. I even ended up taking you the hospital that night, that's how bad it was. But we ended up just sitting in the waiting room for about 2 hours, and by then you had already started feeling better :D what a night. <3

  4. Hm, I'm pretty sure we didn't get the actual love boat lol, but we did get a big plate of sushi. I don't ever want to eat more than 4 pieces of sushi again.