Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holiday I

So, today was the first holiday of the semester. We had the entire day off. We decided that because it was supposed to be rainy and cold, we wouldn't go to Nara. Oh well. We'll get another chance. Instead, we decided that we'd go to the station and explore. I think it's Hirakata station. (Hirakatashi). There's some shopping areas around there, so we went to some of the stores. There's a place called "Kiddy Land" inside where you can buy all kinds of cutsie things. Most of it is based off of some kind of mascot. You can find My Melody, Hello Kitty, Lilo & Stitch, Disney, Mameshiba and etc. inside. I bought a mechanical pencil because it had cute charms on the top and it also said "All You Need Is Love." I also bought two stretchy headbands (brown and black), and a couple of soft poofy hair ties. (I'll post pictures of them later).

Yesterday I tried to make curry for dinner. I think I used too much of the seasoning. I didn't like it. :[ I'm also low on groceries again. 50 dollars is like nothing here. ~_~' Today I had ramen for dinner. It wasn't as good as last time. There was something in it that tasted weird. I'm also going to make a smoothie as soon as the ice freezes. No one put water in the ice tray. *_*

Classes resume tomorrow, but it's nothing I can't handle. ^^ It should be a good weekend. I still plan on going to Den Den Town sometime this weekend and I also would like to attend the cooking party on Valentine's Day. I'd like to make something *_* Maybe rice crispy treats? I don't know.

If anyone has any suggestions for stove top cooking that you think I could make in Japan, please make some suggestions. I can't think of anything every time. ^^'

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  1. Hamburger helper... mac n cheese and tuna....
    Toasted cheese sandwiches.... Egg salad sandwiches.... french toast.... tators and eggs...

    Guess breakfast is on my mind. HA HA HA
    Just got up... Love you!