Saturday, February 13, 2010


After a late night of walking all the way to downtown Hirakata, going to Karaoke, then walking all the way back home, and six hours of sleep, today was another adventure. The crew and I made our way to Den Den Town (Nipponbashi) a.k.a the Akihibara of the west. (More like a younger sister, I suppose). We woke up early and met Pat at Makino station, rode to Hirakatashi Station and then met up with Sarah as well. (Melody has a new friend named Sarah. They are quite similar in their tastes). We rode two more trains and arrived at Den Den Town. Basically, you go up and down a single street that is filled with Anime/Manga/Electronic stores. Here are some photos:
Here is a map of some of the trains that run in the area. If you zoom in, there's an orange circle. That is the station you are at. We followed the brown subway to get to Nipponbashi.

Ebisucho is the subway station directly linked to Den Den Town.

Some pictures of Den Den Town. It is called Den Den town because it used to be that the streets sold mainly high tech stuff, but now the comic scene is a little more present, and the electronics aren't so spiffy, but there are some normal things like tv's, ipods, computers, and game systems. And yes, that is a two level Gundam store, and I went in. I found no haros that I could buy. :(
These are the "purikura" that are all the rage in Japan. Almost all girls have them in their wallets. (Assumption).
A pink toilet! Besides that, Japan's toilets are pretty wonderful. Sometimes the seat is very warm, and there are controls on the side (this one's pretty basic) for washing and so forth.
While visiting one of the stores, I saw a Lupin III toy dispenser. I put in two or three dollars and something wonderful happened~ I got Jigen! I was so pumped that I went and bought Lupin and Fujiko to go with him!

Jigen, Lupin, and Fujiko.
Fujiko - Front
Fujiko - Back
Jigen - Awesome
Lupin is trying to steal some of my jewels!
Lupin doesn't like it when you call out "Dorobou!" (Thief!)
Tiny Kirby chain.
As you can see, I love kirby.
What could this possibly be!?

A slime!
I also bought a slime phone charm. I didn't notice that they had letters on them though. Therefor, L stands for Love! And yes, I drank a grape fanta today. :p
After a while, I started to become a bit depressed. "WHERE IS ALL THE SAILOR MOON STUFF?!" I was saying. . . and then just when all hope was lost, we entered a store and the first thing I spotted was a sailor moon toy dispenser! I peeked into it, and it was empty!! T_T!! BUT---! There was one more! So I put in two or three dollars and out popped a toy! MUCH to my happiness, it turned out to be this:

Eternal Sailor Moon! I'm so lucky!!
After I found that, I was on a mission! I eventually found a small area of little sailor moon toys!! Of course, I probably spent an hour going through them. . .
Well, I just revealed Sailor Moon's secret identity to you all. . .
Usagi in her middle school uniform doing what she does best. I'm actually on a mission to go back to shinsaibachi and buy this uniform. It was super cheap there. ^_^
Makoto is too sweet like this. I had to buy her! She wants to share her self-made bentou (lunch) with you!
Super Chibi Moon was only about $2 as well! She even came with Diana. A really good find! I've taken a liking to her.
She even came with some stickers! Ahhh! Where do I put them!?
... yeah. I went a little crazy. I'm not a big fan of PGSM (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, The live-action version of Sailor Moon that was released a few years ago). Unfortunately, they didn't have Jupiter. Technically, it would make more sense if Venus wasn't here. . . (Oohhh! snap. Only people who have watched it would understand)!

"I will punish you!" - Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars! A hot tempered Miko (Shinto priestess) who burns with the passion of mars fire.
Venus and Mercury - Venus fights with light and her heart chain whip. Mercury fights with water, she's also the "girl genius."
I feel like I was lucky to find these BOTH. Either one seems rare.
This little girl isn't from Sailor Moon! She is Kotoko. She's actually a mini persocom. (Personal Computer) from a series done by Clamp called Chobits. It's a really cute and interesting story between man and Technology. All you tech-geeks should watch or read it. (The Manga (Japanese Comic) is only 8 books long, I don't know how many episodes the series is. But that's not much at all!)
Last but not least, Pretty Sammy! (From Tenchi Muyo). Now I sit here and wait for Crystal Davis to freak out. (But she'd be even more thrilled if it was Ryoko, huh)?
Whenever one walks to Makino Station, there is a loooong pathway you take that is next to some water. This sign is posted here and there on the path, and it's so funny. "Abunai" translates to "Be Careful!"


  1. OHHHHMAAAHHHHGOOODDDD. OMG. OMG. PRETTYYY SAMMYYYYY (and RYO-OKIIII). >D And she's so pretty! XD Haha, if you'd found Ryoko... that could lead to trouble. lol <3 I'd be so happy you found something from Tenchi though.

    Those PGSM figures look a little... grotesque. XD But that Eternal Sailor Moon is very pretty.

    Haha, Jigen's gun is all bent. I haven't watched Lupin in FOREVER but I remember liking Jigen. :3

    And I love your Slimes! I love all these cool little knick knacks you find, it's awesome. :D

  2. -thumbs up- Excellent! The only thing missing is a picture with that Piccolo salesman. I'd have given that man a high five!

  3. Jigen and ESM are a bit bent because they were in the toy machines all wrapped up into a ball. . . so I have to get them to be straight some how. xD

  4. Your scaring me!~ LOL

    Glad your having fun...

  5. I used to have that SAME Eternal Sailor Moon figure, AND the one of Usagi with the ice cream cone. Those PGSM toys are unreal!! You didn't happen to see a toy made of Venus's tour manager did you?

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  7. Yeah, these figures are very basic. -unhappy sigh- and with me around, I don't understand how you can even fathom losing a sailor moon figure. . . and I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the slimes! 0.0

  8. The Sailor Moon figures I actually gave away a LOOONG time ago. I LOVE THE SLIMES!! That cellphone charm is BAD ASS. You know I'm nuts about anything DQ/Slime related. At Ohayocon, I kept my eyes out for anything Dragon Quest related that I thought you might like *hint hint* I remember when you texted me the first time you killed a King Metal Slime. Ahhh..I was so proud. <3