Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sumie Trees and Algorithm dancing.

Not much is really going on aside from school things. I've had to create a Japanese speech (on geisha, because I like them,) as well as a Japanese skit for my speaking class. While I was in my sumi-e class on Friday, I remembered that I had my camera, so I took a photos of the paintings I did this week.

I also participated in a real ohanami. The girls at our house on campus are having one on the 16th! Be sure to go relax under our beautiful trees and enjoy some snacks! (No Sake for you, it's a school event!)

Pretty Sakura

Looking for a place to sit

Our feast!

Sakura above us... raining bugs.. haha.

Other Sakura adventurers.

Sakura close-up

On Tuesday I go to Kyoto to see the Gion geisha dance the Miyako Odori! I'm so excited and a little nervous. I hope I can take lots of pictures! Here's a video of my classmates for your amusement:


  1. Looks beautiful... I had Saki at our Japanese place on the resort. Have photos of the food just for you. Will share later on facebook. LOL

    I learned to eat well with chop sticks... :)