Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Stuffs I

So, since this post has to do mostly with food, I'm going to start blogging about some of the food I have here in Japan. I've been a bit resistant to taking photos, but I really would like to share more.
So, this interesting dish here peaked my taste bud interests. The main dish is called Omu Rice. (Omelet Rice). What is on top is some fried shrimp. The soup in the bowl is something like egg drop soup, I assume. It wasn't half bad, except that the soup had something in it to make it a little spicy. What was worse was the Omelet Rice. It was gross. The whole dish tasted like plastic. I threw it away and had a dessert thing instead to make me feel better. I did eat the shrimp though. The red sauce on top is just ketchup. :x

After going grocery shopping today, I decided to cook up some stir fry. I am so glad I did. This stuff was SOOOOOOOOOO (x100 more O's) good!! I was so happy. I really like cooking when I have nothing better to do.

First, chopped up half an onion and a whole red pepper and boiled them in a frying pan with water.

Next I added in the meat, carrots, some strangely delicious (nut flavored) Japanese vegetable, that came in the package I bought to make this. I also added in the pineapple I bought. I should have cut them even smaller, they were still a bit big.

Finally, I added in the sauce that came with the package, as well as mushrooms! Doesn't it look delicious?! Aah~

While all that was going on, I had rice cooking. Tah dah!

Yep. Clean Plate Club.

I even have leftovers. And yes, I was drinking a grape fanta. :p

Tomorrow, supposedly I'll be going to ohanami.


  1. :D That does look really good! Stir fry and rice = meal of champions. XD That's cool that you're playing around with food a bit and coming up with some good results! Sorry the Omu Rice was bad. I just stay away from anything with omelet in the title, at least if not made by myself. XD

  2. Question: Did you have leftovers and what did you drink with it?

  3. I see no grapefruit. Where is grapefruit? -sends you grapefruit- That does look pretty delicious. You're becoming quite the Cooking Mama over there. Keep it up!

  4. I was able to read this in Mexico, but couldn't reply for some odd reason. Looks yummy~